LG 32-Inch UltraGear OLED 32GS95UE Can Switch between 4K/240Hz and 1080p/480Hz with a Single Click

Resolution and refresh rate – those are the two main considerations people take into account when buying a new gaming monitor. Generally, you’ll want to opt for a higher-res monitor, since a 4K panel can still do 1440p and 1080p without much trouble. Refresh rate, however, is a tougher decision, as a monitor’s framerate is usually fixed, so going with a higher-res panel means you’ll likely be stuck with a lower refresh rate. The LG 32-Inch UltraGear OLED 32GS95UE changes that.

Designed to support different resolutions and framerates, the monitor lets you switch from one resolution-and-refresh-rate combo to another with a single click. That way, you can play you single-player AAA games in 4K at lower framerates, while having the option to switch to 1080p at a much higher framerate for competitive multiplayer titles.

The LG 32-Inch UltraGear OLED 32GS95UE is capable of displaying images in two resolution-and-framerate combos, namely 4K at 240 Hz and 1080p at 480 Hz. That’s right, it does a whopping 480 Hz at full HD, ensuring you won’t miss a single frame of action for those fast-paced, competitive titles where every single frame matters. Even at 4K, it still does an impressive 240 Hz, which is a stellar refresh rate for those visually-rich, single-player titles that serve up an absolute visual feast. According to LG, you can even switch between those two visual settings on the fly, complete with the option to map it to your game controls.

Are there even that many games that can actually take advantage of that 480Hz framerate? We’re honestly not sure, but given how game graphics are just continually moving towards higher resolutions and framerates, we guess it’s a good way to futureproof your setup. Just make sure you have a powerful GPU to actually produce that many frames.

The LG 32-Inch UltraGear OLED 32GS95UE has 98.5 DCI-P3 color coverage to ensure excellent color reproduction and a 1.5M:1 contrast ratio to make those individual colors really stand out. It also boasts a 0.3-millisecond GtG response time, which is crucial for a high-refresh rate monitor to ensure it avoids visual issues like motion blur and onscreen artifacts. The panel itself has a more traditional 16:9 aspect ratio, with an anti-glare, low-reflection coating to ensure you can see everything crystal clear. They pair that with ultra-slim bezels on all four sides, so there’s barely any discernible framing to all the visuals that are playing onscreen, as well as the outfit’s Pixel Sound system, which consists of front-facing speakers mounted behind the OLED panel itself.

Along with the novel dual-framerate monitor, LG has also announced a number of other displays. Specifically, they introduced the 34-inch UltraGear OLED 34GS95QE and the 39-inch UltraGear OLED 39GS95QE. Both are curved monitors with an 800R curvature, a 1440p resolution, and a 21:9 aspect ratio. All the new monitors use LG’s new Unity Hexagonal rear cover, which, the outfit claims, offers a balance of sleek aesthetics and efficient cable management, as well as the slim “L” stand that the outfit introduced this year.

No pricing or release dates have been announced for the LG 32-Inch UltraGear OLED 32GS95UE, but it’s expected to come out sometime next year.

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