LG’s New Fridge Has A Door Inside The Door

We’re not sure what LG was smoking when they came up with the idea to put another door in the right door of their new “super capacity” fridge, but I’m not gonna lie: I want one simply because of it.  Sure, this Door-in-Door style will probably be copied into multiple models by many manufacturers in a year or two, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome to my easily-amused mind.

Why not just make a thinner door with a larger container area?  Because that wouldn’t be half as amazing, obviously.  If they did that, it’s just another fridge, rather than the awesomest fridge ever.  Oh, and the door in the door opens to a magnetically-sealed compartment that allows you to maximize the amount of stuff you can park by the door — minimizing the need to keep the fridge open for extended periods during your multiple beer runs (and your kids’ multiple forays into the juice box).

The LG Door-in-Door fridge (model LFX31945ST) is a three-door French-style appliance that offers 31 cubic feet of temperature-controlled storage, complete with all the sweet amenities you expect from modern refrigerators.  Features include LG’s Smart Cooling Plus (which uses sensors to constantly check internal conditions), a three-tier freezer compartment, built-in door alarm (with auto-close hinges), child lock and more.  The rest of the system seems pretty standard high-end fridge fare.

From now on, it has become my life’s goal to have doors that lead to storage spaces in all the doors in my house.  Seriously.  The LG Door-in-Door French-door refrigerator should be in stores now, priced at $3,499.99.

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