Lian Li’s DK-Series Chassis Lets You Build A PC Right Into A Desk

Why bother getting a desk to go with your new desktop machine when you can build a new computer inside a desk? That’s exactly the case with the Lian Li DK-01 and DK-02, a pair of desktop PC chassis both clad in the form of a computer table.

Just like a real computer table, the pair features sturdy iron legs, a durable tabletop that can handle maximum loads of over 170 pounds, and a pull-out keyboard tray. Heck, they even put storage pegs on the right side where you can hang headphones, backpacks, and other accessories. The PC components are set up in a pull-out cabinet right under the  tempered glass tabletop (you can see the hardware the whole time), so you can just move your chair to the side, pull it out of the assembly, and do your upgrades/repairs without having to bend over.

The Lian Li DK-01 can hold motherboards up to HPTX size, with built-in drive bays, expansion slots, seven system fans, and IO ports. The DK-02, on the other hand, can also take HPTX boards, but has enough space to add a second mini-ITX system, complete with two sets of drive bays, expansions slots, and IO ports, so you can have two PCs squared away inside the table. There’s enough room in both setups to accommodate the longest graphics cards, the tallest GPU coolers, and even the biggest PSUs, so you can build a high-end gaming rig on this thing without a problem. Both desks stand 31.7 inches tall, but can be adjusted up to 32.9 inches for better comfort.

Price is $989 for the Lian Li DK-01 and $1,189 for the Lian Li DK-02. Yes, those are just for the chassis, so this is going to be one expensive desktop rig.

[Lian Li DK-01 and Lian Li DK-02]