Lian-Li PC-Y6 Puts Your Gaming Desktop In A Miniature Yacht


Spending more time on a yacht in the tropics doesn’t mean you have to spend less time playing all the games you’ve downloaded over the holiday sale on Steam. All you have to do is bring a gaming rig to the yacht, so you can split your time between sunbathing on deck and hiding out in the cabin wreaking virtual havoc. And if you’re going to bring a gaming PC to the yacht, we can’t imagine anything more appropriate than having it housed inside Lian-Li’s yacht-shaped PC-Y6 case.

While the boat isn’t exactly a luxurious superyacht, it does look nice, complete with detailed touches like multi-level decks and even a non-functional navigation wheel on top. Plus, the desktop-friendly size makes it perfect for showing off on a desk, with plenty of available space on the deck that you can decorate with minifigs and LEGO parts to create a bustling party scene. Or something like that.


The Lian-Li PC-Y6 tucks the motherboard, RAM, hard drives (two 3.5-inch and two 2.5-inch HDDs), and power supply below the deck, with the CPU and graphics cards at the center of the multi-level deck for easier access. To upgrade your CPU or swap in a graphics card, simply lift up the multi-level deck and start plugging in stuff like a normal PC, although you’ll have to pull out the screwdrivers if you want to access any of the gear below the deck. Features include support for up to two graphics cards (up to 300mm each), support for CPU cooler heights of up to 60mm, glass covers on the multi-level decks to keep dust away from your setup, integrated color-changing LED strip, and all-aluminum construction. Do note, the case isn’t designed to run on water, so don’t even try unless you want to see your expensive gaming PC blow up in smoke.


Only 500 units of the Lian-Li PC-Y6 will be made.

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