Lian Li Made A Standing Desk That’s Also A Gaming PC Chassis


Hey, gamers need to burn calories, too. You can only sit around playing League of Legends marathons for so long before you get all fat and unhealthy, after all. And while a standing desk should get you covered on that end, the truly hardcore gamers might want to take a look at Lian Li’s DK-04, a height-adjustable desk that also happens to be a fully-functional PC chassis.

Yes, it’s kind of similar to the outfit’s DK-Series release from a short while back. Except, instead of a fixed-height desk, this one can be electronically adjusted to accommodate either a sitting or standing position. That way, you can mash keyboard buttons and wield your gaming mouse with absolute precision while standing and burning more calories than ever.


Like the fixed-height desk that preceded it, the Lian Li DK-04 can accommodate a full-fledged gaming PC with the kind of ridiculous specs you need to play the most resource-hungry games at the highest settings. As such, you can set up a motherboard up to HPTX size, install up to 10 hard drives, load it with the longest graphics card, throw in the tallest liquid cooling kit, and use the biggest power supply you can find. It comes with eight fans (four front and four rear), a bevy of IO slots, and adjustable openings for plugging in monitor stands.


Controls on the right side allow you to easily adjust the desk height between 26.5 inches and 45.7 inches, which includes a memory function for easy one-touch operation. Construction is aluminum for the desk body, iron for the legs, and translucent tempered glass for the tabletop (so you can easily peek at the hardware).

Slated for availability in May, the Lian Li DK-04 is priced at $1,499.

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