Sweat All Day And Still Smell Fresh While Wearing Libertad’s Travel Shirt


Merino wool is easily one of the finest natural performance fabrics, making it an obvious choice for use in technical garments, like sweatshirts, jackets, and base layers. Just because it’s naturally insulating doesn’t mean its use needs to be restricted to cold weather garments, though.   The Libertad Travel Shirt, for instance, takes advantage of the fabric’s anti-microbial, breathable, and moisture-controlling properties to keep you dry and stink-free while exploring unfamiliar places.

Walking for extended periods is kind of part of being a traveler. There’s no better way to get to know a new place, after all, than to explore it on your feet at ground level. With this shirt on, you can do that without smelling like you’ve been out in the sun, sweating all day, so you still look reasonably fresh as you make your way back to the hotel after a long day of wandering through a place’s nook and crannies.


The Libertad Travel Shirt is a button-down dress shirt that should look just as good in a business outfit as it will paired with jeans and comfortable sneakers. Unlike traditional merino wool garments that are thick and heavily-insulated, it uses a proprietary lightweight fabric (18 microns compared to the traditional 40 microns) that’s designed for wearing all-year round. That way, you can slip it on even if you’re visiting a tropical country where it feels like summer the entire year. Aside from eliminating odor from sweat and keeping you dry, the fabric also boasts UV blocking, anti-wrinkling, stain-resistant, and flame-retardant properties, making it ideal for wearing all day long.


Now available for preorder, the Libertad Travel Shirt is priced at $97.


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