Library Wallpaper Turns Your Living Room Into An Old-School Study

There was a time when homes had walls lined by volumes upon volumes of books. And you miss that.  Well, bring it back without blowing stacks of cash buying actual books you’ll probably never crack open with this Library Wallpaper.

Measuring 19.2 x 10.2 feet (w x h), it’s a theme wallpaper that turns your wall into a literal end-to-end bookcase filled with bound printed matter. Each book on the wallpaper is unique, giving you a legit-looking fake collection that spans seven rows of thick volumes.

Designed by Mr. Perswall, the Library Wallpaper features a photographic print that looks like it was taken straight out a well-stocked library.  The books are arranged in some sort of color pattern, creating a unique effect while allowing the arrangement to look very natural.  We’re guessing this will look great on a study or a home office, giving it that scholastic aura like I imagine walking into an old-school lawyer’s office or an academic’s home should feel.

Oh yeah, this could also be useful when you’re pretending to be in a library, but are really going to get drunk or play Bold Poker with the boys.  Just go to the bathroom, hold this thing up and take a picture — “See, honey, so many books!”

The Library Wallpaper is available now, priced at $800.

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