Simple, Smart And Useful: Life-Spot Smartphone Charging Station

Sometimes, products feel special because they’re extremely novel and groundbreaking.  Other times, they just do things smarter than whatever else is on the market.  We feel that second criteria applies to the Life-Spot Multi-Charger.

A smartphone charging hub, it sports a simple but clever design that makes very efficient use of space.  Seriously.  If you’re looking for a communal phone charger suited for homes, offices, and practically any place where people gather, this is easily one of the best options we’ve seen.

Shaped in the form of a standing triangular prism, the Life-Spot measures just 11.75 x 6.25 x 6.25 inches (h x w x d), all while providing facilities for charging and docking up to eight smartphones (four each on two sides of the body, with the third side designed for pushing up to a wall).  It’s intended for universal use, with two 30-pin connectors for older Apple gadgets, two Lightning connectors for iPhone 5 and newer, and four micro USB connectors for all the other phones that, thankfully, choose not to burden the world with even more proprietary connectors.   All the connectors are held in slots with retractable cords, so only the heads peek out when they are not use, ensuring everything stays neat and organized.

More importantly, it comes with eight docking slots where you can keep all the smartphones while they charge, saving desks from the mess of smartphones and wires littered all over.  Plus, the docking feature allows it to be mounted up a wall — no table or counter space necessary.

The Life-Spot is currently a fully-funded project on Kickstarter.  You can still get in on the upcoming run, with pledges starting at $65.

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