Lifestraw Steel Puts The Purifying Straw Inside A Tough And Durable Shell


We’re big fans of Lifestraw’s personal water filter, which cleans and purifies liquids while you’re sipping directly from any water source. It just might be the most convenient way to ensure you’ll have a regular supply of clean drinking water while exploring the outdoors. As useful as it is, though, the plastic construction doesn’t exactly make for the most beautiful object. If you prefer your gear to satisfy the aesthetic senses as much as they serve your needs, you might want to trade up to the new Lifestraw Steel.

Similar to the original, the steel version comes fitted with a two-stage filtration system that removes pathogens and reduces chlorine in any water you sip through its barrel. It doesn’t matter whether you’re drinking from a dirty well, a still pond, or a muddy stream – this thing will turn erstwhile unsanitary water into reasonably potable fare.


As the name implies, the Lifestraw Steel has a tougher, more durable stainless steel body, while retaining the same portable size (8 x 1 inches, length x diameter) that’s very easy to find space for in your pack. Inside the cylindrical shell sits the filtration system that consists of a carbon capsule (for removing chlorine and bad odor) and filter (for trapping pathogens), where the water passes through every time you take a sip. The carbon capsule is replaceable (they recommend changing every three months), with the filter retaining its potency for up to 264 gallons (1,000 liters). Yes, you’ll need to buy a new one after you reach that limit. Do note, it doesn’t remove salt, so don’t even try to drink water from the ocean.


The Lifestraw Steel is available now, priced at $59.95.

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