Height-Adjustable Stools Allow The Modular Lift-Bit To Transform Into Different Furniture Types


At first glance, Lift-Bit looks nothing more than a series of stools bundled together to form a sofa. And they, pretty much, function that way. It’s awesome.  Except, with each stool able to adjust electronically in height, it allows for endless customizations that can accommodate a whole host of furniture needs.

You can, for instance, use the stools as individual seats, all while bundling a few together to create a bench. Throw in a second set at a higher height to serve as backrests and you’ve got a proper couch, while slightly raised stools on either end can serve as armrests. You can even use extra stools as ottomans, coffee tables, and side tables, as well as set everything to the same height to get yourself a flat bed, making for a really versatile furniture solution.


Created by designed firm Carlo Ratti Associati with help from Vitra, the Lift-Bit is billed as a “digitally-transformable sofa.” A linear actuator inside each stool allows them to be raised and lowered at precise heights using an accompanying mobile app, allowing you to adjust the modular furniture in near-limitless configurations. It also supports gestures, so you can change the height by simply hovering your hand over the seat. To ensure they can bundle together flush, the stools come in a hexagonal shape, making it easy to plug in new modules whether on the front, back, sides, or corners.


You can learn more about the Lift-Bit directly from the project website.


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