Lift Carrier Attachment Turns Any Bike Into A Front-Loading Cargo Bike


Front-loading cargo bikes are awesome, allowing you to safely transport a massive amount of stuff on a pedal-powered ride. Problem is, they’re huge, making them a hassle to park, all while being totally unwieldy to ride when you’re not transporting gear. The Lift Cargo Bike changes that.

That’s because it’s not really a cargo bike all by itself. Instead, it’s a carrier that attaches to three sections on any regular bicycle, immediately turning it into a functional Long John-style cargo bike. Just remove the bicycle’s front tires, attach the carrier in its place, and you’re good to go.


When not attached to the bike, the Lift Cargo Bike actually resembles a wheelbarrow, albeit with no handles and a single long tube sticking out of the back. It has a frame made from TIG-welded, powder-coated chromoly steel, with an integrated box cut in outdoor-grade plywood, a four-ply thorn resistant tire, and an extra-wide kickstand in the rear to ensure the bike can be parked in a stable manner even while carrying a lot of weight.


Even better, the carrier is designed to be attached and detached in a relatively easy manner, so you can simply remove it to use the bike as regular ride. Features include sealed headset bearings to ensure the bike steers properly even with the cargo out front, integrated disc brakes, and a large box that should fit children comfortably (and adults uncomfortably).

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Lift. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $750.

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