LiftTrax Is A Drive-On Air Mat For Your Off-Road Driving Adventures

Even the most experienced off-roaders will occasionally find themselves requiring extra traction to get their 4x4s out of unusually difficult terrains.  When those times come, it pays to be ready with LiftTrax, a portable air mat that provides temporary traction to get you out of those rough spots.

Designed to hold the weight of most common 4x4 vehicles, the rugged pneumatic traction bag can survive up to 8,800lbs of vehicle on top of it.  Whether you're battling sand, mud, pits or hills, it can provide the necessary support to get you moving to the other side.

When deflated, the LiftTrack can roll and fit into a small carrying bag.  Once you come across a challenging terrain that your driving skills aren't quite ready to conquer, simply pull the pillow out, fill it with air and dump it on the ground for your tires to drive over.  Make sure to read the accompanying manual on how to use it in various situations (e.g. in sand, they need be used partially inflated to reduce ground pressure; in ditches, you can pile two or more on top of each other), though, so you don't end up making your position worse.

It comes in two sets: the 4000R (for SUVs up to 8,800lbs) and the 2000B (for AWDs up to 5,500lbs).   The former measures 44 x 20 inches, while the latter is sized at 44 x 16.  Both contain two inflatable traction mats, two replaceable  pre-installed bladders, one carrying case and two inflation adapters.

The LiftTrax 2000B retails for $245, while the 4000R is available for $295.