Use Your Drone For Overhead Lighting With The Seca 2200D


Drones are great for taking aerial photos and videos. That much we know. So why not use them for other overhead functions? That’s exactly what Light & Motion is suggesting with the Seca 2200D Drone Light, which turns any GoPro-compatible drone into a programmable overhead lighting unit.

Armed with a GoPro mount, the light can install on any GoPro-compatible quadcopter, allowing you to use your aerial photography robot to light up any outdoor space. Whether you’re filming an episode in the park for a YouTube channel, looking for Bigfoot in the woodlands, or just want a robot lighting up your camp at night, this thing turns your drone into a hovering light to illuminate any area you require.


Measuring 1.4 x 1.6 x 2.2 inches and weighing 9.4 ounces, the Light & Motion Seca 2200D Drone Light is small and light enough to work with more compact drones like the 3DR Solo and the DJI Inspire, all while delivering up to 2200 lumens of brightness. It comes with its own battery, so it won’t siphon power off the drone, with a single charge allowing it to run up to 40 minutes on high, 80 minutes on medium (1100 lumens), and 160 minutes on low (550 lumens).

Features include a 24-degree beam, a four-LED array, and a swappable battery pack for quickly extending your overhead light’s runtime. It’s also waterproof up to 30 minutes, so you can use this regardless of weather conditions.

Available now, the Light & Motion Seca 2200D Drone Light is priced at $379.99.

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