Light N Go Bonfire Log Lights Up With One Match And No Chemicals

At first glance, the Light N Go Bonfire Log looks like a regular piece of log — the kind you’ll throw into the backyard fire pit when hanging out with friends during cold nights. More than a log, though, it’s actually a very capable firestarter, able to start and sustain a satisfying fire with nothing more than a single match.

Made by Essay Group, it’s an innovative firewood that can be used to start fires without using any chemicals or going through elaborate motions. Just light a match, put it in the cut at the log’s center, and watch the thing grow into a roaring bonfire. It’s both easy and safe to start, so even the kids can get the fire pit going while you prepare the chocolate, crackers, and marshmallows (that is, if the kids haven’t exhausted the supply playing with theirĀ Marshmallow Bazooka).

The Light N Go Bonfire Log is actually a piece of kiln-dried white birch log, with a paperboard starter embedded in a star-patterned cut on the center (the one you light up to set things ablaze). You can use it to start a big burning session or keep up a fire all by itself, lasting a good 90 minutes before completely burning through the log (150 minutes for the Jumbo version). The whole thing is 100% natural, with no chemicals on either the log or the paperboard, so you can cook hotdogs on a stick over the open fire with zero reservations. Each log is only designed for single use, though, so once you get it started, might as well let the thing burn out.

Pricing for the Light N Go Bonfire Log starts at $9.29.

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