Light Pillow Trades In Squishy Softness For Warm, Soft Illumination


The Light Pillow is a bad idea. It’s neither soft nor squishy. I doubt you can put it in your lap or sit snugly on it (light gets hot – really hot). Still, there’s something comforting about seeing a pillow that offers illumination.

Put one on your side table and it can ably replace your night lamp. If you need to do some late night reading, just pull it into bed and hold it up. Offering a warm light that brings to mind the soft glimmer of candles, it’s the perfect mood lighting for your bedroom and living areas.

The square-shaped Light Pillow measures an even 18 inches on all sides. It sports a LED lighting panel that’s encased in a powder-coated metal frame that I presume isn’t all that comfortable to rest your head on. To make it look like a regular pillow, it comes with its own washable cotton cover that sports a punched hole on one corner, so you can hang it in hooks around your room.

While it’s likely unusable as an actual pillow, the finished product is a very attractive lighting implement. It’s definitely one of the best mood-setting lighting panels I’ve seen in a while. Hung next to your bed, it should offer a soft, low light that you can put on when you’d like to get some rest.   The $189 price, however, might end up keeping you awake.

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