This Christmas, A Light Up Bow Tie Could Be The Next Best Thing To Having A Shiny Red Nose


Your Ugly Christmas Suits will command serious attention at many parties you attend during the Holidays. But what happens when you’re in a dark club where nobody can see your outfit’s festive prints? If you still want the same fawning attention, you can try adding this Light Up Bow Tie to your ensemble.

Made by Electric Styles, it’s an illuminated bow tie that ensures you’re the dude nobody can miss even in the dark. That way, you can be the Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer of any party, with a bow tie so bright you can light up the way for the night’s celebrations. Or something like that.


The Light Up Bow Tie is a real bow tie, not some plastic bow-shaped toy that you clip to your collars. Unlike regular bow ties, though, it comes with luminuous EL wire hand-sewn along the edges, giving it the unmistakable lighted silhouette in the dark. Like other EL-based products, it comes wired to a battery pack that can sit on your pocket (you can run the wire under your shirt), which holds a pair of AAs that should power it for up to 24 hours straight. You can also attach the battery pack to the back of the tie using an included Velcro strip, in case you’d rather not mess with long wires. And if you happen to be the type that needs even more ways to draw attention, it comes with three light up modes: fixed, slow blink, and fast blink.


Available now, the Light Up Bow Tie retails for $19.97. Now, if only someone can make a Leather Bat Bow Tie that also lights up, life will be complete.

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