Light Up Vader Shirt Makes Dressing Like A Sith Lord Easy

Dressing up in a Darth Vader costume usually involves donning a bulky helmet that leaves you uncomfortable and sweaty.  Add in the elaborate body ensemble and that’s a lot of work just to impress the geeks at the comic book store.  With the Light Up Vader shirt, you don’t need to try so hard.

It’s just a tee, so putting it on is as simple as inserting your limbs into holes.  That means none of the consuming work that often comes hand-in-hand when dressing to look like the grim general from the Star Wars franchise.  Pair it with black jeans, shiny boots and your most menacing serial killer stare for a serviceable costume without going overboard.

The Light Up Vader shirt probably started life as a regular black shirt.  With the Anakin Skywalker touch, though, it’s been printed with graphics that mimic the unmistakable belt and design of Vader’s iconic garb.   Even better, the belt and chest areas are actually fitted with electronics that feature blinking LEDs, making you look a heck of a lot like the great Sith Lord sans mask and cape.

All electronic parts are detachable, so you can actually wash the shirt .  Not that we think you actually clean your shirts, but just in case.  Batteries are included, as well, so you can dress like the sci-fi geek that you are immediately upon receiving the package.

An exclusive product from this year’s Star Wars Celebration V, the Light Up Vader shirt is available from Thinkgeek in limited quantities.  Price is $39.99.

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