Light Up Your Night In Style

recycled-glass-night-lightsMost people think of night lights for kid’s that need to see the monster in their closet coming, so they can yell for mom or dad before it gobbles them up but night lights can be used for many other things as well.

A path to the kitchen or bathroom that is lit up by night lights can help you avoid injuries, keep from breaking valuable household items and even save money on your electrical bill, as a low wattage night light can use less electricity than bright over head lights left on for several minutes.

These night lights are not only wonderfully functional, but are beautiful as well. Made from recycled glass, these lights have a beautiful stained glass type pattern and each has its own switch. These night lights are handmade in Florida, and has a 4 watt bulb included. Each one has the same warm glow of a candle, and is made of recycled glass bottles that were headed for a landfill. They come in three styles: Oak Tree, Palm Tree and Pineapple.