Light Your Baby’s Fire


It would be nice if we could light instantly fires by rubbing two sticks together like in the movies.  Think of the girls looking for that “Grizzly Adams” type of guy.  Unfortunately, the reality is that it takes hours and hours of – sometimes fruitless – rubbing to create the sort of friction you’d need to create a fire.  Even with a stone and flint, you’ll need some serious skills to get that blaze a-crackling. And if it’s raining – fuggah about it, man!

However your worries are over because straight from the halls of the Swedish Department of Defense is the Swedish Firesteel  This is one gadget any outdoorsman can’t live without as it will create a spark that approaches 3,000 degrees celsius that will allow you to start a fire, no matter what the weather.

The Firesteel works by moving a blade across the Firesteel base, and will create a shower of sparks that can catch your tinder on fire easily and quickly.  It has features like a seven metal magnesium alloy that lasts for about 12,000 sparks.  More emergency fires than you should have to make in your lifetime.  It wieghs about the same as an empty soda can and functions in rain, sleet snow or fog – any weather you can think of.

If you’re a camper, or hunter or even someone who requires that a fire be lit in the stove when the power goes out this device is vital.  It is also bright enough to be used as a signal device if you get lost, and it will definitely impress the next girl you take out into the woods with your amazing fire starting skills.

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