LightCap 300 Puts A Lantern In Your Water Bottle

Do you carry both a lantern and a water bottle during your outdoor adventures?  Save space in your backpack with the LightCap 300, a one-liter water bottle that doubles as a solar-powered LED lantern.

Created by Sollight, the mash-up does sound a bit random.  If you really think about it, though, it actually makes good sense.  We do tend to keep our water bottle easily accessible – like on an outside pouch of our backpack, along the frame of our bicycles or within reach on top of our desks – so if you equip it with built-in lighting, you can quickly get illumination whenever you need it.

The LightCap 300 is a BPA-free water bottle made from clear plastic that measures 8.5 x 4 inches.  Designed with usability in mind, it has a wide mouth for easy cleaning and a narrow waist for a secure grip.  It also has a built-in swivel ring with slots and holes for affixing to cords and straps.

Cap holds the lighting assembly, which consist of four white LEDs, one red LED, a recessed three-way switch on top and a sealed solar charging system.  According to the creators, it uses the FastSolar quick-charging technology and can provide lighting for up to eight hours on a single charge.  An onboard daylight sensor is also installed to prevent battery drain when you accidentally hit the switch.

Available with red and black caps, the LightCap 300 retails for $29.95.  If you have your own bottles with a similarly-sized mouth (2 inches), you can opt for just the caps at $24.95 each.

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