Lighthouse Security Camera Uses AI To Recognize Everyone In Your Family


Remember when security cameras just recorded video that you can review later? Yeah, that’s not all they do anymore. And they’re getting better by the day. Case in point, the Lighthouse, a home surveillance camera that can create context for what it’s recording, allowing it to give you real-time updates of any notable events at home.

No, this won’t just detect movement or differentiate between people and pets. Instead, the device is smart enough to recognize your husband, your kids, your dogs, and your cats, allowing you to set very specific rules for notifications, such as whether the kids came home in time, whether someone took the dog out for a walk, or whether there’s a stranger in the house.


The Lighthouse is able to do all this via a cloud-based AI called Lighthouse Intelligence, which the outfit is running as a subscription service package. That means, if you don’t find the smart notification system all that useful, you don’t have to renew after the free 12-month subscription is over. The device itself takes on a capsule-like form factor that’s designed to be set down on a table or shelf. It measures 8.5 x 3.4 inches (height x diameter).


Features include 30-day cloud storage (you can watch videos of the last 30 days at any time), 1080p video recording with automatic night vision, a 100-decibel siren that can automatically go off when an intruder is identified, and AES-256 encryption. It comes companion apps for both iOS and Android.

Available now, the Lighthouse is priced at $399.

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