Lighting Pin Adds A LED Panel To A Clothespin, Is Surprisingly Elegant And Useful

Embedding a LED lighting unit into a clothespin makes no sense.  Why would your wet clothes, hung under the sun, ever need extra illumination?  Seeing how the Lighting Pin is used, however, puts it all together.

With the LED panel integrated into the clothespin, it receives an entirely different function.  Instead of keeping clothes on a line, it allows you to fasten lights anywhere that the clothespin can fit.  Clamp it on a book page, for instance, so you can read in the dark.  Clip it to your shirt while you’re bicycling at night and motorists should notice you much faster.  Want to light up your backyard?  Attach a couple dozen pins to the leaves of trees and you’re all done.

Created by Korean design Sungho Lee, it’s one of those things that sounds absolutely inane when you hear it, but makes perfect sense once you see it used.  The night lamp photo above, where the pin is clipped on a rolled-up piece of paper, is particularly impressive.  Why didn’t I think of that?

All of a sudden, I want a dozen of these things.  It’s like a flashlight, except you don’t have to hold it or set it on a surface.  Just clip it to your hammer when you’re fixing a loose nail in the attic and it should be easy to see when you’re about to pound on your fingers.  Ouch!

Sucks that the Lighting Pin is only a design example and not a product you can buy off the shelves.  Make sure to book me for a couple dozen if it does come out.

[Sungho Lee via Design Boom]