These Space Keys Let You Carry A Lightsaber In Your Pocket

Lightsabers are awesome.  You can use them to slay enemy Siths, deflect blaster bolts, and cut through most any substance with little resistance.  Now, you can use the vaunted energy blades to open your doors, too, with these lightsaber-themed Space Keys.

No these aren’t keychains.  Instead, they’re actual key blanks that you can take to the locksmith to turn into a replacement for all the other lame keys in your Keysquare.  Well, most of them, anyway — make sure to leave at least one of those Please Call Keys in, just in case you lose them again, like that one time you got drunk and woke up somewhere in Mexico.  Yeah, your life is like a movie because you’re awesome (or maybe because you’re always drunk).

The Space Keys are key blanks that come decked in a lightsaber-like appearance.  Available in three profiles (depending on what lock you’ll use it for), each one is 80mm long, which is standard for a regular key, with two color options for the blade: one red and one blue.  Since they’re supposed to be lightsabers, the head is actually shaped like a hilt, which will probably make this a pain to use, drunk or sober.  Regardless, regular round-headed keys can’t be lightsabers, so we’ll take it.

Now, if only they can make a sound every time I turn them on my front door lock, life will be complete.  In the meantime, I’ll make do just making my own swoosh-swoosh sounds – good enough for me.

Available now, the Space Keys retail for $9.85.

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