Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling Adds Mini-Swords To Finger Duels

Thumb wrestling is fun.  If you’re a child.  But you’re a big adult now, with a college degree, a job, and a full crop of chest hair.  Thumb wrestling just doesn’t bring the same novelty it once did.  Unless you add Star Wars weaponry to the mix, that is, with Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling.

Instead of merely trying to pin an opposing thumb with yours, the toy adds mini-sabers to the mix.  That way, you can add poking, slapping, and whatever else you do with fake tiny lightsabers into your selection of offensive maneuvers.

Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling attaches a mini-lightsaber to each challenger’s thumb using a velcro strap, allowing you to stage duels with just a little less barbarism than regular thumb wrestling.  It comes with a game book that also doubles as a platform for the fights, giving you 7 different arenas (taken from all 6 Star Wars films) for staging the showdown.  The book itself comes with compartment slots for holding the two sabers (one for Luke, another for Vader), so you don’t end up misplacing them.  Each saber measures 4 inches long, with the strap sized to fit most thumbs.

The sabers are just plastic sticks, so you don’t have to worry about slicing your opponent’s thumbs.  Of course, you’ll need a friend to play this, but we guess you can battle yourself, too, if the night gets too lonely and options for company run scarce.

Thinkgeek has the Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling available now, priced at $12.99.

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