Lightsleeper Beams Hypnotic Lights That Put You To Sleep


Having problems sleeping?  Tried every solution in the book?  Lord knows there’s a good lot of them, from outright superstitious behavior to drowning your room in scents to popping the good ol’ pill.  Here’s another one you can try: sleeping with the light on.  Huh?!?

Well, not the big, bright light in your room.  Instead, you can try finding slumber by turning on the LightSleeper, a small lamp that projects a soft glowing light that’s supposed to soothe your troubled mind to sleep.

Sporting a form factor that resembles a webcam, the rest-inducing lamp is designed to sit on your nightstand.  It turns on with a gentle tap, at which point it begins projecting a soft, low light onto your ceiling.  All you have to do is follow the light with your eyes as it moves in a circular motion, eventually sending you off to dreamland.

The Lightsleeper runs for a half-hour then automatically shuts itself down, confident that its gentle, trance-inducing movements has successfully sent you into a temporary coma.  An onboard rechargeable battery lets it lull you into sleep for an entire week.

Does it work?  We’ll never really know until a good amount of people have tried it, although the company claims to have tested it successfully with numerous subjects for the last several months.  One thing’s certain, though.  Girls will freak out when they see what looks like a webcam on your bedside table.   I suggest hiding it in a drawer and pulling it out right before you hit the bunk.

Currently available as a risk-free trial (money-back for 14 days), throngs of restless individuals in the UK can get the LightSleeper for £125 ($210) directly from the website.  International insomniacs will have to wait till next year.

[LightSleeper via Core77]