Because Real Life Is Just Like Facebook: Like & Dislike Rubber Stamps

Wish the real world were as fun as Facebook? Bring your life closer to Zuckerberg’s universe with the Like & Dislike Rubber Stamp, so you can, you know, mark anything you want as a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down.

Of course, Facebook doesn’t have a Dislike button, so it’s not entirely like Facebook.  But how can you Like something without Disliking others?  That’s ridiculous.  Maybe even Facebook will get the hint.

The Like & Dislike stamps feature a 6.4 x 2.4 cm strip of rubber, carved with the corresponding expression of your approval or disapproval.  The marker is attached to a PVC mount with an oak handle.  Just like your Hello Kitty Sanrio stamps (we know you own them), you can dip them on any regular ink pad to coat them up for use.

Don’t like the report your assistant turned in?  Show your disgust by Disliking it.  Fancy the new girl at reception.  Stamp a Like on her forehead to show her how you feel.  Or maybe do it on her desk.  I have a feeling stamping someone on the forehead doesn’t constitute a valid step in the mating rituals of the human species.  Just a guess, of course.  I’ve been known to make wrong calls in the past, despite being almost perfect.

Manufactured out of the UK, you can get the Like or Dislike stamps individually for £9.99 each.  They’re also selling a blue ink pad for £3.  Additionally, you can opt for a package with both Like and Dislike rubber stamps, along with one ink pad, for  £20.

[We Are Nation via Nerd Approved]