Lil Big Pete Conversion Kit Turns Your Ford Pickup Into Optimus Prime Lookalike

Got an old Ford F-250 you’ve stuck with the last two decades?  Give it a fresh look with the Lil Pete conversion kit, which turns your beloved pickup truck into a miniature 18-wheeler Peterbilt cab.

Offered by Lil Big Rig, the kit can strap on to any 2WD Ford F-250 model from the late 80’s up to 1998, dressing it in what can only be described as an extreme makeover. Both the exterior and interior will be updated, which will leave your erstwhile standard ride into an Optimus Prime lookalike (minus the transforming into a robot capability, of course).

With the Lil Pete, you’ll have your pickup’s entire body replaced with a fiberglass Peterbilt cab, along with an accompanying hood and fender assembly.  The rear gets done up, too, with two extra wheels added to round up the big truck look.  It’s quite the detailed modification – you get big headlights, large mirrors, tall exhaust stacks on the side, a giant front grille and more.

Inside,  the cabin is remodeled to resemble that of a semi, as well, complete with a full-sized rear sleeping area that can be outfitted with more seats or an actual bed.  You’re restricted to using a smaller gas or diesel engine, though, so  quell those dreams of a big-block V8 — not gonna happen.

If you insist on getting a 454 under the hood, you can opt for the Lil Kenny kit, which requires a long-bed full-size Chevy pickup (from 1973 to 1987) or a 2WD Dodge 1500/2500 (from 1994 to 2003) as starting point.  Pricing for both the Lil Pete and the Lil Kenny start at $12,950 and typically tops out at under $20,000 (with a ridiculous amount of add-ons).

[Lil Big Rig Conversions (warning: site shows up as malware-infested in Firefox) via PickupTrucks]