LimoBike: Harley In The Front, Limo In The Back


How do bikers travel in style?  Rolling in a pack of hogs sounds so pedestrian.  Nothing says class and, well, tacky at the same time like the LimoBike, an unusual vehicle that combines a Harley Davidson muscle bike in the front and the rear end of a limousine in the back.  Yep, someone actually made one of those.

Marketed as a specialty rental from Wildfire Tours, it’s certainly a unique way to make an arrival – with a roar.  Along with the beastly big bike bellow, you’ll also probably get the inevitable groans from wise-asses like me who think your ride is tacky.  Unless you invite me in, of course, at which point, your ride becomes golden in my eyes.

The LimoBike uses the front half of a big Harley Davidson bike for the drive and steering, hauling a carriage (of sorts) disguised as the passenger area of a limousine.  It can fit a crew of eight people, so it’s spacious enough to have a real party inside.  Custom-built, the vehicle is the only one of its kind (and, let’s face it, there are a hundred cooler things you can probably do with a Harley).

Since Wildfire is a motorcycle touring company, you can even have the vehicle flanked by several other Harleys and hot rods, in case you want people to think you’re a fag (hint: if you didn’t see the required South Park episode to make this joke funny, I apologize).  They have over 250 bikes in their fleet, along with a number of hot rods, so if you’ve been meaning to see Australia on two wheels (or three, as with the LimoBike), these could be the guys to call.

[Wildfire Tours via Spice News]