Lingerie Dement Banishes Hooks And Clasps In Favor Of Magnets

Think women’s underwear takes too long to remove?  We concur.  So does every bumbling lothario who still struggles to unclasp their ladies’ bras with one hand.  And, apparently, so do the good folks at Lingerie Dement, who actually went ahead and did something about it.

Instead of hook-and-clasp assemblies, the French company’s collection of sexy undergarments boast easy fastening and removal using light magnets.  No more two-handed struggles to unhook a bra, fiddling with strings to cinch up lingerie or having to pull panties down in order to remove them – just click the magnet closure to hold it shut and tug lightly to separate them for what is arguably the most convenient underwear experience ever.

Lingerie Dement’s existing collection consists of barely-there bustiers, underpants, nuisettes and ensembles that all feature the clever magnet mechanisms, amidst frilly and delicate designs.  Despite being nearly inconspicuous, the tiny magnets do the job of holding each item securely and should hold up well when left undisturbed.

Naturally, this may not prove the best idea if you’re playing sports.  For everyday use, though, we can’t imagine a more convenient solution for easily putting on and taking off women’s unmentionables.  And that goes for all parties involved.

We wish we could speak French so we can understand the website, which even the mighty Google Translate can’t sink its teeth into.  Since we’re stuck with it, we’ll just ogle at the sexy French women wearing Lingerie Dement’s garments in the pictures and imagine how quickly those delicate pieces of clothing will come off with just a slight tug.

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