Lions On The Edge Puts You Nose To Nose With The King Of The Jungle


What the heck is that photo?  A lion pouncing on your hood and all you do is smile like a hyena?  Are you kidding me?  Something's fishy here....hmmm....

Of course, you'll probably act the same way when you visit Melbourne's Werribee Open Range Zoo, which lets visitors experience "almost" being devoured by a hungry lion without really getting in any sort of danger.  How do they pull it off?  Well, no lion mind control here.  Instead, the whole thing is a clever illusion.

What do you mean illusion - those aren't real lions?  Actually, they are.  However, they all roam freely behind a glass cage, where the whole front body of that Jeep also is.  The rest of the vehicle, beginning from where the passengers are, lies safely on the other side.


Yep, the zoo's Lions on the Edge exhibit uses an "invisible cage" and it's awesome, allowing guests to get ultra-close to the lions without ever being at risk of being this morning's brunch.  Ditching the usual animal enclosures in favor of very strong reinforced glass, it creates for an exhilarating experience, putting you literally inches from the jaws of the carnivorous beasts.


According to Werribee, the glass-fitted exhibit has been open since 2006 with lionesses behind the glass, but has received a huge surge in popularity with the addition of two new male lions last September.  I'll say - those hairy animals really do make for some scary good time.  Now, who wants to put some money on how long till that glass gives out?  I'm taking bets.

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