Liquid Money Perfume Makes You Smell Like Money

Want to smell like money?  Not figuratively, either.  We mean, really smell like crisp new bills fresh off wherever they print your cash.  With the His Money Cologne and Her Money Eau de Parfum, you can.

The product is the brainchild of former Microsoft VP Patrick McCarthy, who came up with the idea upon noticing how much he enjoyed the scent of crisp dollar bills  after one ATM withdrawal.  With that inspiration, he sought Larry “The Nose” Murrison, who then helped him design the pair  of his and her fragrances.

His Money Cologne is described as “a bold fusion of fresh ocean breezes and bright citrus notes, joined by scents of rosemary, grass and precious woods.”  The female version, Her Money Eau de Parfum, on the other hand, brings a “vibrant pink grapefruit and mandarin fragrance, aided by freesia, passion fruit, Hawaiian wedding flower and melon.”

Just to take the whole idea up a notch, the bottles come packed in a box with $500 in real shredded decommissioned US bills.   You know, so you can rub yourself with real money, apart from splashing money-smelling perfume all over your body.

According to McCarthy, you should feel more confident with the aroma on since you’ll literally be smelling like money.   Unfortunately, we doubt gold-digging hotties with fake tits and artificial tans will begin flocking  when you stroll into a club wearing the Money fragrance. Apparently, it ain’t too expensive to ooze cash,  as well, since both the His Money Cologne and Her Money Eau de Parfum are available for a respectable $35 per bottle.