Liquid Station Desktop Organizer Makes Your Office Supplies Look Like They’re Suspended In Ice


Ever wished you can tidy up all the items on your desk in a water tank, instead of an organizer? Except, you can’t actually do it, because nobody wants all their office supplies soaked and their electronics busted. If you’re fine just making it look like your gear is submerged in a water tank, you can trade in those cups and valets for this Liquid Station Desktop Organizer.

Designed by Catalan-based Eugeni Quitllet, it’s a desk organizer that makes it look like your pens, staplers, and office supplies are submerged in some kind of water tank. No, they won’t be floating around like debris in water or swimming like tiny aquarium fish – just peacefully in repose like a whole load of gear partly suspended in a block of ice.


Intended to resemble a melting block of ice, the Liquid Station Desktop Organizer is made from transparent thermoplastic, with compartments fashioned to create the submerged-in-water effect. It comes with four compartments of varying width and depth, which you can use to hold pens, pencils, clips, fasteners, business cards, and even your phone. Dimensions are 5 x 9.75 x 3.5 inches, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a spot for even in a crowded workspace. It comes in two transparent colors: blue or crystal.


The Liquid Station Desktop Organizer is available from Luminaire, priced at $32.

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