Listen Through Walls With The Next Room Ear Amplifier


Got a nasty eavesdropping habit?  Feed it to the hilt with the Next Room Ear Amplifier, which lets you listen covertly to all the conversations going on in the next room.

Light and compact, you can carry it around, ready to spy on verbal exchanges wherever you feel the urge.  You use it like a stethoscope, putting the sensor to the wall and the attached buds to your ear, so you can glean all sounds coming from the other side.

The Next Room Ear Amplifier is a small cylindrical device (43 x 36 mm) that houses an internal sound amplifier.  It takes any sound coming through the surface and boosts it to an audible quality.  You can listen in via 3.5 mm headphones or connect it via USB to a PC, allowing you to record any signals it manages to pick up.

According to the retailer, it works over wood, windows and steel plates (yep, you can try listening in to guards inside an armored truck).  There’s no mention of concrete, though, which makes it a tad disappointing (note to self: all walls in my future headquarters should be concrete).  Regardless, it’s quite the nifty spy device and will prove a useful addition to your Peeping Tom rig.

The Next Room Ear Amplifier, which is also called a Door Eavesdropping Device, is available from factory-direct site China Grabber for $62.99.

[China Grabber via 7 Gadgets]