Liteboxer Brings A Peloton-Style System To Home Boxing Workouts

With the pandemic still raging on in many places, the appeal of Peloton’s business model is growing even greater. So much so that we now have Pelotons for rowing, cable resistance training, and a whole lot more types of workouts. The Liteboxer brings the same home-bound training model for the boxing crowd.

No, this isn’t a viable gym replacement for aspiring Mayweathers and Pacquiaos out there. Instead, it’s more of a fitness-focused system that uses punching, weaving, and bobbing to get you a full-body workout. Basically, it’s the Boxercise of Pelotons. Or something like that.

The Liteboxer’s primary workout equipment consists a punching board with six distinct sections at the top for headshots, a smaller pad below it for body punches, and a stand below that for holding a tablet where you can choose classes or prerecorded workouts, all attached to a single stand mounted to a platform. The punching board comes with built-in LEDs that light up the exact section which you should hit with every punch, while an integrated algorithm syncs the sequence of LEDs lighting up to whatever music is currently playing. According to the outfit, syncing the punches with the beat of the music leads to more engaging workouts, since, we imagine, it can feel like you’re dancing as you throw your hands in tune with whatever song is playing.

Sensors inside the board and pad register every hit you land on target, complete with a reading of the amount of force on impact, so you can finally prove to your friends from middle school that you don’t hit like a girl like they always claimed. The whole thing (including the platform), by the way, takes up just 55.5 x 37.5 inches of floor space, so it shouldn’t be that hard to find space for in your home. Plus, the whole thing can break down into individual parts for easy storage.

The Liteboxer comes with five types of trainer-led workouts, any of which you can stream at your convenience. Their signature workout is a 30-minute full body workout that, the outfit claims, challenges the body, mind, and agility, although you can also opt for a 45-minute endurance workout for those days you feel like going the extra mile. For those with less time on their hands, they also have 15-minute quick hit workouts, 20-minute music workouts (it’s all about the music), and 20-minute fundamentals for those who want to do the bare minimum.

Each unit of the equipment, by the way, comes with a pair of gloves (they offer two sizes, small and large), so you don’t have to go out to the sporting goods store to buy a pair. You’ll have to provide your own tablet, though, with the app only available for iOS and Android, as well as your own speaker, as there is no built-in audio hardware in their workout rig.

Interested? The Liteboxer is available now, priced at $1,495 with a free three-month subscription to the app. Do note, subsequent months will cost $29 each, so it’s going to cost a lot more than just buying a bag and punching it till you’re tired.

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