Literally Chill In The South Pole With Kensington Antarctica

Can’t decide where to take that next vacation adventure?  You may want to consider Kensington Tours’ Antarctica expeditions, which take you to customizable luxury safaris right in the South Pole.

Not for the cheap, these luxury holidays take you on a five-hour flight from Cape Town to Antarctica, flying over masses of icebergs littered across the Southern Ocean.  Upon landing, you’re taken to the one and only luxury safari camp right in the interior of Earth’s southernmost continent, where your unique ice-filled adventure begins.  Perched along a 200-ft ice cliff overlooking a spectacular scenery , the camp runs entirely on solar energy and adheres to strict ecological guidelines.

Each tour ranges from two to twelve days, with a maximum of twelve guests each to ensure personal attention from the five veteran guides.  Combining the adventurous spirit with homely comforts, you’ll room inside a luxury tented camp with insulated canvas chalets, soft warm beds and a communal library.  Three full meals per day are included, prepared by a South African gourmet chef.

Depending on how long you’re staying, activities can include kite-skiing across the open ice, hiking through interconnected ice caves, scaling towering rock formations, skiing,  rappelling on ice, polar expeditions  where you pull sledges and sleep inside igloos, visits to a colony of emperor penguins (over 12,000 of them), scenic picnics and visits to a nearby Russian research station (so you can be glad you’re not an impassioned scientist).  Trips are booked only between November to January, since that’s the only time South Pole conditions may actually be livable (24-hour sunlight and 23-degrees Fahrenheit temperature).

Prices for the Kensington Antarctica tours range from 7,700 to 37,600 Euros.

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