LiteZilla Supersizes The Lite Brite Into A Wall-Mounted Home Decor


Remember the Lite Brite, those light-up boards that you can fill up with pegs to form all sorts of 8-bit creations? It’s one of those toys that can keep a kid engaged for hours. Ever wondered what would happen if you made a larger version that’s big enough to occupy an entire wall of the house? That’s exactly what they did with the Litezilla.

A blown-up version of the classic Lite Brite, it’s a giant light-up board that you can fill up with pegs of various colors to create eye-catching pixel art.  Whether you want to adorn your wall with colorful patterns, random shapes, or your favorite 8-bit scene from the classic Legend of Zelda, this thing lets you do all that and a whole lot more.


The Litezilla is, basically, a giant board with a grid LED-backlit holes sized to accommodate the included pegs. You simply insert different colors of pegs to form any shape, pattern, or likeness, allowing you to recreate all the pixel art you used to make in Microsoft Paint. All the holes on the board are individually tooled, rather than drilled, to ensure there are no sharp edges, while the pegs are flame-polished for a smooth finish, making them safe to play with even for younger children. And, yes, each board is handcrafted, ensuring every inch of it is fashioned with attention to detail.

The pegs, which measures 1 x 4 inches (diameter x length), are all translucent, so light is able to shine through, allowing the peg to glow in its assigned color, ensuring any pattern you create can be easily made out. Each board comes with enough pegs to fill up all the holes on the board plus an additional five percent, although the color variety is random, so you might want to order extra pegs if you have a specific design in mind. According to the outfit, the pegs can be made in any Pantone color, so as long as you’re willing to spend extra, you can get whatever shade you desire. A shelf under the board gives you a convenient place to store all unused pegs, so you don’t have to keep boxes nearby in order to stash them.


The Litezilla comes in four standard sizes: medium (4 x 5 feet), large (6 x 5 feet), XL (8 x 5 feet) and XXL (8 x 6 feet). You can also order the board in custom sizes, although that should cost considerably more than the already high-priced standard sizes. For the standard versions, the board, the frame, and the shelf below it are all made from surgical-grade HDPE, which may or may not play well with your home’s interior décor. If the latter’s the case, you can order to have the frame made in other materials, including walnut, white oak, powder-coated steel, and a selection of exotic woods (e.g. bamboo, snakewood). Each board comes with the necessary hardware for mounting up the wall.


Pricing for the Litezilla starts at $10,000.

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