Little Oyster Is A Coffee Table That’s Also A Chair That’s Also A Storage Box

We like it when stuff does other stuff that it isn’t supposed to.  Like helicopters that are also cars.  Or surfboard bags that are also tents.  Or soup mugs that can also hold crackers. And we love the Little Oyster Coffee Table for those same multi-purpose talents.

Designed by Al-Hamad Design, the transforming table sports a simple boxy shape that should make it useful either as a side table or a coffee table.  While the design is rather simple and straightforward, it actually looks nice — like the kind of table you’ll find in your grandma’s old house right next to the rocking chair and a shelf of antique figurines behind it.

The Little Oyster Coffee Table, though, doesn’t just stop at being a table.  Lift up the top and it transforms into a stiff chair, complete with armrests and an ample-sized backrest.  Lift up the seat and it transforms again, revealing a secret compartment for hiding those stacks of money you won betting on a 5-fight parlay at last weekend’s UFC that you’d rather hide from the wife.  Or maybe just store some blankets in there for when it gets a little cold while chilling in the living room.  Construction is walnut wood.

The piece was shown off at this year’s ICFF as part of a multi-item office set.  No word on where it can be bought, but it sure looks like a good table to have in an office lobby, where an extra chair might be called for every now and again.

[Al-Hamad via Design Milk]