Little Printer Makes Personalized Newspapers In Hard Copy

Are you the type of guy who’d rather read from a printed book than from a Kindle?  Or print out a one-page PDF report, instead of reading it on your tablet or smartphone?  If you are, then you might find use for the Little Printer, a tiny thermal printer that brings you customized news updates in hard copy.

And by little, they’re not kidding.  The printer itself measures about the size of a small Rubik’s cube, spitting out receipt-sized continuous paper.  Yep, you’ll have to read everything in small fonts (maybe the Menas Zoom can help).

Want to check on the weather forecast for this afternoon? Little Printer to the rescue.  How about a list of your friends celebrating their birthdays this week?  The little molded plastic box can print you a list.  Since the device itself only has two buttons and the actual printing hardware, there’s not much customization you can do from it.  Instead, you’ll have to set up what kinds of information you want it to produce for you from their accompanying web service (which will be available both via browser and smartphone apps).

They call the personalized printouts of information you want as “publications,” which the company gathers from their own content databases and other web sources, such as The Guardian, Foursquare, Google and Nike+.  They also have more partners on the way.   Think of it as a personalized newspaper — albeit, with very small fonts.

Little Printer connects wirelessly to the web via a bundled BERG Cloud unit, although you’ll still need to plug it to a power outlet (no onboard battery).  No pricing yet, but expect it to roll out sometime next year. More info at BERG Cloud