Little Tikes FOAMO Lets You Fill The Backyard With Bubbly Suds For A Crazy Foam Party

People love goofing around in a roomful of bubbly suds. That’s a fact that foam parties have confirmed, from their introduction in the 90s to their continued existence today. Yes, it’s messy. Yes, it’s sticky. Which means, kids are bound to love a good foam party as much as an alcohol-fueled twentysomething at 1AM on a Friday night. Since clubs and raves aren’t appropriate places for your kids to get their bubbly grooves on, maybe they can do it in your backyard instead with the Little Tikes FOAMO Foam Machine.

A kid-friendly foam machine, it lets you produce heaps upon heaps of foam within minutes, allowing you to cover backyards, pool sides, and other outdoor living spaces with the bubbly stuff in short order. Whether you want to give your kids a foam-filled playground party, stage a Fortnite Nerf fight in a sudsy battlefield, or just fill the backyard with foam to cool down a bit from the summer heat, this thing lets you do that without the cost of those “foam cannons” they use to cover rave clubs with the same thing.

The Little Tikes FOAMO Foam Machine consists of a foam machine mounted on a table stand and a large plastic tub you can fill with a mix of water and foam solution. It comes with two electrical parts, namely a blower built into the foam machine and a pump that’s inserted inside the tub, so you’ll need a pair of power outlets to plug this thing in before it can be operated. Just make sure you keep the outlets (or the power strips) out of the way of the foam, since you probably don’t want to get those bubbles on there, as it contains water that could affect the electrical operation.

To use, simply assemble the stand and place the machine on top, then hook up the machine via an included tube to the pump inside the tub. From there, you mix the foam solution with water (1 part solution, 5 parts water), plug in the electrical components (blower and pump), and press the blower button to get the whole thing running. According to the outfit, the entire setup should take no more than 10 minutes.

The Little Tikes FOAMO Foam Machine comes with a foam shield that, when inserted behind the blower, should keep all foam flowing towards the opposite direction, so you don’t end up getting foam in areas of the house you don’t want them in. A single bottle of foam solution, by the way, can last for just an hour or less if you have it producing foam continuously, so you’ll need to add solution mixes over and over for a long party. As such, the outfit recommends turning the machine off as soon as you have enough foam produced, only switching it back on when you need an extra boost to save on foam solution.

According to the outfit, the solution included with the machine is safe and non-toxic, all while leaving very little residue, making it easy to clean up after a party. The catch? Refills for the solution cost around $20 a bottle, so it’s not very economical. The good news is, this is just a regular foam machine, which means, you can probably use any cheap soap or shampoo available.

The Little Tikes FOAMO Foam Machine is available now.

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