Little Tikes Motorized Cozy Coupe Baby Boat Brings The Classic Ride-On To The Water

Chances are, you have some faint memories of the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe, the iconic ride-on car that’s given plenty of littles ones joyrides for over 40 years. Heck, you might even have memories of letting your own little kids riding them. If you still have little ones, you can now have them ride the classic toy on water with the Little Tikes Motorized Cozy Coupe Baby Boat.

That’s right, they turned the iconic ride-on car into a water float that lets your kid drive around in the backyard pool. Not only can your kid drive through lawns and sidewalks on their Cozy Coupe, they can take the action to the backyard pool and stay behind the wheel.

The Little Tikes Motorized Cozy Coupe Baby Boat is a pool float version of the timeless toy car, with the same red body and yellow roof as the original ride-on, albeit with that inflatable PVC construction instead of the hard plastic of the original. It also comes printed with googly eye car headlights and a smiling grille to really dial in the likeness. Since it’s a pool float rather than a ride-on, it doesn’t have actual wheels. Instead, they printed fake wheels on the side just to make it look like your kid is driving on the water. Or something.

More than a simple pool float, though, it actually comes with motorized props in the rear that propel it forward in the water. No, they won’t be cruising through the pool like a miniature jet ski, as it’s a pretty small motor powered by six D-cell batteries, so it’s perfectly safe even for really small children. Even better, your kid won’t actually control the boat, as it comes with a waterproof remote that lets you operate the float’s movement and direction. Just make sure your kid doesn’t sneak the remote out from under you if you don’t want them riding that boat all on their own.

The Little Tikes Motorized Cozy Coupe Baby Boat is available now, priced at $98.

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