Live Checking Card Lets You See Your Credit Card Balance In Real Time


Having a hard time keeping track of your credit card spending?  Not a problem with the Live Checking Card, a futuristic electronic plastic slab that shows your current balance in real time.

No need to check a website, wait for statements or call up the hotline.  Simply pull up your credit card, see your current balance and have a heart attack right on the spot.  Just kidding.  Of course, that also means your spouse, parents and friends can see how much money you owe, so be discreet.  The last thing you want is your wife wanting to know where that extra $1,000 in charges was for – especially if it went to pay for your favorite stripper’s tuition.

The Live Checking Card is a concept credit card that seeks to replace today’s breed of wallet fillers.  It’s got a magnetic strip so you can swipe it at the local mall like your existing Mastercards and Visas.  Going beyond just purchasing power, though, it integrates an e-ink display with its own battery and solar-based charging mechanism.  The amount displayed updates via RFID, right at the point of sale.

Sure, the idea is novel and potentially useful.  The chances of this working, however, sounds a little too far off.  For one, how is it supposed to charge via sunlight when you keep cards in your wallet?  Plus, you’ll have to reprogram existing systems, since they’ll have to send actual balance information for you to download.

Great concept, but we’ll have to wait and see how it works out in reality.  Would love to see something like the Live Checking Card as an optional credit card down the line, though.    I reckon those inclined to keep too much debt wouldn’t want one – the constant reminder can be quite disturbing.

[via Yanko Design]