Live In Harmony With Your Devices


Ever since Universal Remotes came out people have been wondering one thing. No, not how they lived all these years without them…but how to program the damn things! Well, if you have trouble programming your universal remote with all the codes and numbers that it requires, relax, because the Harmony Universal Remote is here to solve all of your technology problems.

The Harmony Remote is what Adam Sandler was looking for in the movie ‘Click’ when he got the remote that fast-forwarded his life. The Harmony Remote allows you to attach it to your computer, answer a few quick questions about your devices, and then it downloads IR codes for over 175,000 devices and programs the remote automatically. It’s even pre-generation X friendly, employing buttons like ‘Watch TV’ and ‘Watch a DVD’ for incredible simplicity.

Harmony is the only Universal Remote with Smart State technology, making it the simplest programming ever. Also, don’t worry if you replace your TV in a few years – you won’t have to replace your remote, since it automatically updates the codes for any manufactured device directly from the internet. Normally, Harmony Remotes cost hundreds of dollars – but we found one for $99 bucks! The bottom line: you can have your fill of electronic gadgety things and only need one remote to control them – The Harmony 510 Universal Remote.