Livestrong LS9.9IC Exercise Bike Lets You Train Like Lance Armstrong


Exercise bikes are cool for general fitness, but they’re crap for training you to ride like a pro.  The Livestrong LS9.9IC claims to accomplish the latter, boasting a feature set that’s approved by Tour de France superstar Lance Armstrong himself.

Reportedly used by Lance to train prior to actual competition, the manufacturer bills their bike as the “ultimate indoor cycle.”  Reading through the specs, it doesn’t sound like anything special (compared to a regular top-brand bike machine), save for a few particulars, though.  Hmm….

The Livestrong LS9.9IC boasts of heavy-duty components and high-end construction that should see the bike stand strong for years to come.  It sports a 40-pound flywheel with a Kevlar belt drive, adjustable (both horizontal and vertical) LS Air Flight saddle, a height-adjustable handlebar and a cantilevered brake system.

Like all good exercise bikes, it comes with contact grips on the handlebar to facilitate heart monitoring.  The console readout has information for heart rate, RPM, speed, calories burned and ride time.  It can handle exercisers weighing up to 290 pounds.

Honestly, it sounds like a regular exercise bike, but I’ll take Lance Armstrong’s two-thumbs up for it.  Part of the proceeds will actually go to the Lance Armstrong Foundation, so even if it doesn’t train you like a pro (as promised), you can console yourself with the notion that you did something good.  Even if you’ve been had.  It’s available now for $999.

[Livestrong Fitness via Gear Junkie]