LMP Keypad Adds A Number Pad To Your Apple Wireless Keyboard

You love your Apple-branded aluminum Bluetooth keyboard.  Still, life doesn’t feel quite the same without a dedicated number keypad to make entering large gobs of numerals on Excel sheets just a little more convenient, so you make do with an ugly USB-plugged peripheral to tide you over.  Not anymore with the LMP Keypad.

Sporting the same cylindrical base, sloping angle and brushed aluminum finish as the Apple Wireless Keyboard, the add-on gadget can snap directly to the original’s  right side.  That way, it looks like an actual part of the keyboard instead of a separate peripheral. Granted, that really does nothing to make your work easier, but it’s definitely a more elegant solution.

The LMP Keypad features a full set of number keys, along with a few extras, including forward delete, page up, page down and five additional function buttons.  Naturally, it can work even without being tethered to Apple’s keyboard, but doing that would just be silly — the whole point of getting one is to add a functional number keypad to your svelte input device.

From the photos, it looks like they managed to mimic the impeccable Apple look and feel to an extent.  I’m not as obsessive-compulsive as Steve Jobs, though, so I doubt I’m noticing the flaws even if there were any.

No pricing or release date, yet.  According to the blog Wireless Goodness, however, the LMP Keypad just passed through the FCC over the holidays so expect it soon.

[via Wireless Goodness]