Lo-Ruiter Is An Oversized Longboard Designed To Look Like It Hovers


We’re not sure if it rides any better than regular longboards (and longboards that turn into snowboards), but the Lo-Ruiter sure ups the ante in aesthetics. If you want a cruising skateboard that looks unlike anything else out there, this thing definitely embraces the part.

Designed by Joey Ruiter, the longboard has a rectangular deck with cutout handles along the sides for easily carrying it when climbing stairs, riding the train, or getting around a crowded space. And, yes, they claim it can ride like a regular longboard, too, complete with the ability to carve without scraping the ground.


The Lo-Ruiter Longboard has a molded maple and carbon fiber deck with a large surface area, allowing for more options in foot position. Heck, it’s so big, the deck completely covers the wheels (eliminating the chances of smashing a foot at them), with enough surface space to let you walk on the deck while skating. Purposely-designed to have a lower center of gravity than regular skateboards, it comes with cutouts on the deck to give the wheels top clearance, which can also double as facilities for hanging it on a hook in the garage.


All those elements, coupled with the all-black finish, are intended to make it appear like a floating hoverboard while streaking through the sidewalks at high speed. To ensure it rides like a regular longboard, it uses standard skating hardware, namely a Caliber II Legacy Blackout truck and Arbor Mosh wheels.

According to the designer, he’s still deciding on whether to make a limited run of the Lo-Ruiter longboard, while gauging interest for now. If it ever does go into production, planned pricing is $295.

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