Loch Capsule Puts A Portable Dishwasher In A Desktop Tower Form Factor To Optimize Footprint

Portable dishwashers are great, allowing folks in cramped apartments, RVs, and other living spaces with limited kitchen space to enjoy automated cleanup of plates and pots without the laborious installation traditional dishwashers require. It’s convenient. If you haven’t quite found the ideal dishwasher for your one- or two-person household, you’ll definitely want to check out the Loch Capsule.

Sized like a large desktop tower (seriously), the appliance is designed to sit on top of your kitchen counter where it will take a narrow, albeit deep, amount of space. This is in direct contrast to many portable dishwashers out there, which tend to have a wider profile similar to countertop ovens, taking a form factor that, we believe, is much more efficient for small kitchens with limited room.

The Loch Capsule is a portable dishwasher designed for small households made up of one or two people. That’s the key part here, since it can only fit two meals’ worth of dishes at a time (two dinner plates, two soup bowls, two cups, two cutlery sets, and a few small extras), which means bigger households won’t be able to throw in all their dirty dishes in one go. According to the outfit, it can fit dinner plates up to 12 inches, frying pans up to 12 inches, and chopping boards up to 16 x 12 inches, along with any other kitchenware of similar size. While it looks like it can handle smaller pots, we have a feeling you’ll have to clean up any bigger ones by hand.

According to the outfit, it has a standard wash cycle of 15 minutes, which runs your dishes through water at 75 degrees Celsius, along with your choice of detergent (it supports tablets, powder, and gel alike). It has a water tank that you can fill with up to three liters of water to eliminate the need to hook up to your plumbing, with a drain that you can use to empty the dirty water directly into the sink via an included flexible pipe. If you want to hook it up to your plumbing, though, that’s an option with the integrated pipe inlet, so you don’t have to keep refilling the tank.

The Loch Capsule comes with three other settings, aside from the standard wash cycle. There’s an Eco mode that cleans your dishes for 12 minutes at 55 degrees Celsius, for instance, if you’re only cleaning a few small items and don’t need the full cycle. A fruit mode allows you to wash fruits and vegetables straight on the dishwasher, sparing you from having to spend 10 minutes in the sink with a colander, as well as a UV mode that runs UVC light through whatever’s inside for disinfecting.

The dishwasher measures a compact 9.8 x 18 x 20 inches (width x height x depth) and weighs 22 pounds, with a carry handle on top making it easy to move around the kitchen. Each one comes with three sets of racks: one for standard dishes, one for cutleries, and a basket for washing produce.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Loch Capsule. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at £283.

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