Lock Locker Is A Lock That Makes Your Deadbolt Impossible To Open


A lock secures your door so it cannot be opened by unwelcome parties. Problem is, we all know a skilled lock-picker or one of those skeleton keys can easily disengage plenty of consumer locks in the market. You know, like the deadbolt you have installed in your front door. That’s why the Lock Locker exists.

Yes, it’s a lock that locks your lock, such that it cannot be opened even if the person outside has a legitimate key.  That way, intruders will need to break down your door if they want to get in, which, let’s be honest, probably attracts the kind of attention that they would not prefer.


The Lock Locker is, basically, a way of completely locking your door from the inside, making it great for hermits who don’t want visitors, teenagers who don’t want their parents barging into their bedrooms, and everybody else who doesn’t enjoy the prospect of people opening their doors for any reason whatsoever. Do note, you’re only supposed to put it on once you’re in the house (or room you want to completely lock) because, you know, you won’t be able to get in yourself if you unwittingly locked your locks before leaving. Yeah, that bit is very important. It measures just 2.4 x 3.8 x 9.8 inches, by the way, making it easy to squeeze into your luggage for those times you’re staying at Airbnbs, sketchy resorts, and other potentially unsafe residence.

Designed to work with single-key deadbolts (it won’t work on dual-key units), the contraption consists of a material that slips over the inner deadbolt plate, essentially covering everything around the thumb-turn. That simple design makes it impossible to rotate the thumb-turn, essentially preventing the deadbolt from being disengaged while it’s in place. According to the outfit, forcing to open the deadbolt using a key is likely to lead to the key breaking off, since the darn thing is designed to hold down the fort in an impenetrable manner.


The Lock Locker’s plate cover can be adjusted so that the hole for the thumb-turn can be angled at any of 21 different positions, so you can easily rearrange it to accommodate how your deadbolt locks. Magnets, by the way, hold that position in place, with a dangling section of plastic material on the bottom adding further reinforcement by wearing around your door knob. It comes with two types of plate covers: one for rectangle-shaped thumb-turns and another for oval-shaped thumb-turns. If your deadbolt has something else that doesn’t fall in those two categories, though, you’re out of luck.


Construction is a super high-impact variant of polycarbonate – the same material they supposedly use for the bulletproof glass in banks. That means, this thing will hold up no matter how much force the person on the other side applies, so your door will not open no matter how hard they try, all while being dead easy to both install and remove when you’re inside the house.

The Lock Locker is available now.

The Lock Locker Bump Proof Deadbolt Door Locker,...
  • Keeps door lock secure from intruders from entering your home.Note: Measure your door's backset,...