Locomocean Flight Message Board Lets You Leave Messages That Look Like Airport Flight Schedules

While many airports are now switching to digital displays for showing the flight schedule, there’s something about those old mechanical signboards that made them quite iconic. So much so, in fact, that many of the modern digital displays on airports today still stick to the same evenly-spaced layout to impart the same look and feel. The Locomocean Flight Message Board wants to let you bring those same iconic signs home, so you can leave reminders and messages that look like your local airport’s flight schedule.

Want to use it to show your to-do list, so you’ve got a visual guide throughout the day? Yep, this will work. How about using it as a calendar for the big events of every month? Yes, it can do that, too. Want to use it to leave a list of chores for your kids to do while you’re out at work? They probably won’t like it, but it will definitely do the job.

The Locomocean Flight Message Board measures 11.9 x 8.4 inches, so it’s roughly equivalent to an A4-sized paper, making it large enough to have reasonably readable messages and compact enough that it won’t take up that much space wherever you decide to place it. That also keeps it small enough to make sense for use in your work space for use as a way to list down deadlines, tasks, and people you want to screw over before you quit your current job. Yeah… maybe you want to keep it in a drawer for that last part.

It has a 16 x 6 grid of rectangular holes that you can fill up with the included tiles to customize whatever message you want written on the board. According to the outfit, it comes with 264 interchangeable tiles, made up of letters, numbers, symbols, and blank spaces, so you can use it to display, pretty much, any message you want.

The Locomocean Flight Message Board comes with removable stand that you can use to keep it upright and stable on a flat surface, making it easy to display on shelves, coffee tables, and your desk at work, similar to a picture frame. There are also keyhole attachments for mounting up on walls if you’d rather display it there. The message board header is also swappable, by the way, so you can have it showing either Arrivals, Departures, Wedding, Party, or nothing at all (they include a blank tile for it).

From what we can tell, changing the message is easy enough, as you simply pop off a tile and swap in a new one. Of course, given that there’s 96 tiles on the darn thing, it will probably take you a few minutes to finish a board. We know… you can write down messages much faster on a whiteboard (heck, it’s faster even if you write with a calculator font), but you have to admit, seeing your daily schedule look like a flight schedule sure looks a whole lot cooler.

The Locomocean Flight Message Board is available from Firebox, priced at $35.

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In case you don’t mind knock-offs, there’s also this on Amazon.

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