Logiplaces: These 3D Puzzles Recreate An Area’s Topography In Solid Concrete


With either 16 or 36 pieces, Logiplaces isn’t likely to be one of the most challenging 3D puzzles you’ll ever solve. With concrete construction and detailed topography depicting a specific patch of land somewhere in the world, though, it definitely makes for an interesting display piece.

Made by Logideez, it’s a 3D puzzle depicting the physical features of a specific location around the globe. Like any puzzle, you’re supposed put them together until you end up with a satisfying recreation of the real place, although the fact that these are cities with tiny buildings and landscapes with lots of rocky terrain means you can probably get away with rearranging them creatively, all while still turning out a visually-appealing piece. So, yeah, your finished puzzle will still look good even if you put it together while drunk, half-asleep, and with one eye closed.


There are current four locations in Logiplaces’ collection: Budapest, The Grand Canyon, North Beach in San Francisco, and Zermatt in Switzerland. Each one can be ordered either as 4×4 or 6×6 puzzles, with the former being a subsection of the latter (as in, if you order a 6×6, you get the 4×4 along with it, as well). They don’t use a standard scale for the puzzles (one is 1:8000, a couple are 1:10000, and one is a whopping 1:75000), but each one comes incredibly detailed and should keep you busy inspecting the various features of its topography.


An Indiegogo campaign is currently running for Logiplaces. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $55, with custom puzzles (as in, you tell them which place you want to get in concrete puzzle form) available for $1,750.

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