Logiq Tower Is A Toy Puzzle With Over 20,000 Possible Solutions

Not sure how familiar you guys are with the P’kolino Puzzle, but it’s a stacking toy that has you building a tower using round pieces of wood.  It’s meant for young kids, so the actual game is plenty easy to finish.  The Logiq Tower looks like a level-2 version of that, having you build a cylindrical tower, but using irregularly-shaped pieces.

Designed by Marko Pavlovic, it’s a puzzle that stacks into a five-level tower when assembled together.  You can use all the available pieces to build the highest tower possible or just a few to build shorter ones.  There’s also tens of thousands of ways to build the towers, so this comes with plenty of replay value.

The Logiq Tower is a 3D toy puzzle that has you building a cylinder-shaped tower that interlock together around a central pole on a raised base platform.  It only has 15 pieces (all unique), comprised of five inner core shapes that anchor the tower to the pole and ten curved pentaminos of various shapes that form the outer panel.  When using all the pieces, the game offers 6,164 different ways to build a full 5-level stack.  The same flexibility in solutions apply to lower tower levels: there are 13,588 solutions for four levels, 2,294 solutions for three levels and 23 solutions for the basic two-level tower.

The entire puzzle is made from eco-friendly rubberwood, colored with non-toxic dyes.  When all the pieces are put together, the final product stands 120 x 93.5 mm tall.

Available in stores this coming May, the Logiq Tower will retail for $25.

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